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How to Eat Well on a Budget

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Eating well does not have to mean a budget blow out. Nor does it mean having to source the latest ‘fix everything’ super food sensation. Read on for some tips about healthy eating on a budget.

Buy in bulk

Often buying produce in bulk is cheaper than buying it in smaller amounts. This is particularly the case for things like nuts, seeds, flour and grains that have a long shelf life and store well for ages in your kitchen cupboard.

Take your lunch to work

This can make a big difference to your weekly food spend. Make a big batch of something yummy on the weekend like a curry, soup or a slow cooked sensation and freeze it in individual portion sizes to last you through the week. Or prepare your own lunch full of goodies like tins of tuna, yogurt, fruit, a wrap/ roll or sandwich. If mornings are crazy busy, prepare it the night before work.

Buy fresh produce at markets

Your local fresh fruit and veg market often has cheaper and better quality produce than the supermarket. Plus you are directly supporting local growers.

Make a list

Make a list of what you need and stick to it! (It also helps to not go food shopping when you are hungry so you aren’t tempted to scoff that packet of tim tams in the biscuit aisle).

Don’t be fooled by superfoods

Be wary of the marketing around the latest superfood. Yes, they may be nutritious, but they can also be over-hyped and expensive. Don’t underestimate the super-nutrient powers of the day-to-day, humble foods like spinach or strawberries!

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