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2 Quick Ways to Boost Mood Naturally!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Here's 2 tips that can help boost your energy fast.

Let There Be Light

Many people aren't aware that light affects mood. Research shows that bright light acts as a specific anti-depressant in depressed patients. When we are exposed to light our body can make serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps us feel happy and melatonin is the main hormone that helps us sleep. Outdoor light is really important, especially in Winter as it is 100 times brighter than indoor light!


This mineral is a little-known star in the body. It's needed to make energy, for muscles to relax, to make serotonin (needed for feelings of well-being), to help the brain switch off and 101 other things.

Not enough magnesium can lead to fatigue, anxiety, depression, muscle cramps, fibromyalgia and headaches. It also used up faster when you're under stress, sweating heavily (e.g. when exercising) and when you eat or drink sugar or alcohol and carbonated (fizzy) drinks. It's even lost due to some medications like some anti-biotics or the birth control pill.

Leafy green vegies like spinach, kale and parsley are full of magnesium. Once you are low, it can take months to build your levels of magnesium back up, so it's sometimes necessary to take a magnesium supplement as well. Many magnesium supplements available are poor quality and not well absorbed, so be sure to get some advice from an knowledgeable experienced practitioner.

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