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About Hobart naturopath Laura


I've always been fascinated with natural medicine.  After studying here at UTas, I decided to pursue my passion and moved to Melbourne to study nutrition, herbal medicine and Health Science (Naturopathy).  I graduated and worked for a nutritional/herbal medicine supplement company in training, research and development.  Then, missing Tassie, it was time to move back to Hobart in 2003 when I opened my own practice.  I also began to work at a busy natural medicine dispensary in Hobart (Goulds) where over 15 years I've learnt from some of Australia's best naturopaths.  I also did some post-graduate study in Public Health, again at UTas.

My motivation is to get the best evidence-based information out to clients and to give them positive choices about their health.

I feel really fortunate to have been able to use my knowledge to optimise my own health over the past 20 years as well as helping my family and friends.  In my spare time I can be found doing yoga, gardening, reading, listening to natural medicine podcasts, eating dark chocolate and spending time with my lovely friends and family.  

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