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Treating your health concerns with natural medicine

Helping you reach your health goals


Hello,  I'm Laura, an expert Hobart nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath with over 20 years' experience. I treat all sorts of health concerns including:

  • Poor digestion, IBS, constipation, bloating, gut repair

  • PMS, heavy/painful periods, fibroids, PCOS

  • Menopausal symptoms 

  • Anxiety, depression, stress management

  • Diabetes (type 2)

  • Skin  issues: eczema, psoriasis, acne

  • Sustainable weight loss

  • Colds & flu, glandular fever, poor immunity

  • Poor sleep


Why choose me?

My formal study and over 20 years helping clients as a naturopath has given me high-level knowledge of the root cause of health conditions, the expert questioning and listening skills to unpack your health issues efficiently and excellent analytical skills to make an assessment as to the best treatment options.  As I keep up with the latest natural health research, my treatment recommendations are based on the best current evidence available.  It's all about giving you positive choices about your health.

I have studied health science, nutritional and herbal medicine, behavioural change and motivation and public health and am a fully qualified and accredited practitioner.  With this knowledge blend of modern science and traditional/natural medicine, I seek to understand and treat the root cause of the issue.  I utilise functional pathology testing (Nutripath, Microba) where necessary and use premium quality, safe and evidence-based nutritional and herbal medicine.  As a naturopath, having access to two healing modalities: clinical nutrition as well as evidence-based herbal medicine means a broader treatment tool-box.  It means more comprehensive treatment options for you, the client.  

My style is warm, friendly and down-to-earth and focussed on helping you!


What else?

I also work as a natural health educator, delivering group health chat sessions for workplaces, writing monthly articles for 'The Hobart Magazine', doing podcasts and making guest appearances on ABC radio.

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